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ODD BAG Garlic Rye Chips 150g
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ODD BAG Garlic Rye Chips 150g

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150g of delicious garlic rye crumble perfect for sprinkling on salad or pasta.
Prepare your taste buds for a punch of garlic!
These gourmet Rye Chips are made from thinly sliced sourdough Rye Bread, drizzled with garlic infused olive oil, baked and then sprinkled with homemade garlic salt.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds, Kibbled Rye, Kibbled Wheat, Syrup, Water, Salt, Olive Oil, Garlic Powder.

Storage: Store in a sealed container or bag and these will keep fresh and crispy for up to 6 months.



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